December 7, 2022

Julia Loffe, jew journo “White people conspired to pit the blacks and the jews against each other so that we don’t talk about White privilege.”

As we’ve spent the last month learning that the most evil thing you can do is accuse a racial or ethnic group of conspiring to achieve certain outcomes… And as we’ve spent the last month learning that such accusations come at the cost of losing your bank accounts, business deals, […]

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November 26, 2022

Nick Fuentes, the anti-White “White supremacist”

According to the jewish supremacist organization The ADL, Nicholas Fuentes (who’s a hispanic/cuban/possibly jewish mixed homosexual incel) is one of the White race’s most prominent supremacist leaders. Well, strap yourself in and get ready because this train wreck of anti-White ranting from Fuentes is coming at you full steam. We […]

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November 13, 2022

Bellingham Massachusetts calls sign “Stop White Hate” a hate crime, police investigate as local Shaniquas make up stories.

On November 10th 2022 someone posted a sign in front of the Bellingham high school that read “STOP WHITE HATE”, which to anyone who isn’t a mouth-frothing anti-White would see as a pretty reasonable message that everyone could get behind, right? WRONG! The entire media, the police and all the […]

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November 12, 2022

Coindesk: A jew owned company that hates White people so much, they got a black crypto guru fired for not hating White people.

The crypto corporation Coindesk is OK with being OPELY Anti-White and perpetuating anti-White hatred. So why did they get a black crypto guru fired? Oh lord, what did he say about jews that was so horrible you immediately ask? Well, unless you are a jew who knows your people are […]

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November 10, 2022

Sophia Rosing, White woman arrested for defending herself against three black student who refused to let her into her dorm and then assault her.

It’s open season on White people by both feral blacks and the anti-White system. Sophia Rosing, a White student at University of Kent tried to go to her dormitory after a night of partying when she was denied entry by a black student Kylan Spring. Demanding she be allowed to […]

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